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833 & 837 Seton Ave., Cincinnati OH 45205 $205K

 We have these 2 brick, four family bldgs. for sale together or can be packaged with 1057 Winfield.  We are still doing some work to these two but there are almost always full and when units come up for rent they are gone quickly.  This neighborhood has has had a major increase in demand for rentals since the beginning of 2017 

1057 Winfield Ave., Cincinnati OH 45205 $68K

This Brick two family is in excellent condition.  We have spent over 50K on the rehab.  WE sue better more durable materials in our rehabs.  the tenants love it. High quality fit and finish. 

17703 Harvard Ave., Cleveland OH 58K

Nice Brick two family with restored, shale roof!  they last 150 years.  Corner lot, across from a private school.  (Updated pics coming soon)

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